Monday, April 19, 2010

LG Lotus Turns/Shuts Off Fix Guide

LG Lotus Shut Off Turn Off Fix Guide

Does your LG Lotus turns off or shuts off for no reason? If yes then keep on reading.

I found it strange that my LG Lotus keeps shutting off at random times (I'm guessing your having the same problem if your reading this right now).

Sometimes I would have my LG Lotus in my pocket or on my desk and I would take it out to use it and it would be turned off. So I called the Sprint customer service and they said to Update my phones firmware for it to fix the problem, I was relieved that there was a solution to this because I love my LG Lotus phone. Thinking the problem was solved with the "firmware update" I was happy but the next day my LG Lotus shuts off again. So I call Sprint again and they tell me to take it in to exchange it for a new LG Lotus, so I had to save and transfer ALL my pictures and numbers to my new LG Lotus (I hate doing all that). Again thinking my phone was defected and the problem was fixed, a couple days later the new Lotus starts shutting off like the other one.

Feeling frustrated I searched the internet for a solution. I found that it wasn't only my phone doing this but many other people were having the same issue with there LG Lotus turning off. After many hours of searching the internet I could not find a solution, so I decided to figure out this problem on my own.

After a couple minutes of inspecting my LG Lotus I found out what was causing the problem, it was right in front of my eyes this whole time!

It was so simple to do also, I applied the fix within 5 minutes!

Everything you need you can find in your home. No special tools required. No experience necessary.

After applying this fix to my LG Lotus it has not turn off or shut off anytime.

I created a simple to follow guide with detailed pictures to fix your LG Lotus from shutting off and turning off.

It only takes around 5 minutes to do and its very simple!

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